The UK government has awarded feasibility studies to 8 local authorities to help inform their final bids for the £20m Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle Taxi Scheme. This grant scheme will promote the rollout of ultra-low emission plug-in taxis throughout the UK. Read the news story on GOV.UK.

It’s part of a £500m investment the UK government is making over the next 5 years to achieve its aim for almost every car and van across the country to be a zero emission vehicle by 2050.

The Taxi Scheme is open to all UK local authorities, even those which have not been awarded a feasibility study in this round. Local authorities must apply, with a complete feasibility study, by April 2016.

North East Scotland

  • Local authority

    Dundee City Council

Yorkshire and the Humber

  • Local authorities

    West Yorkshire Combined Authority

    Sheffield City Council

East Midlands

  • Local authority

    Nottingham City Council

West Midlands

  • Local authorities

    Birmingham City Council

    Coventry City Council

East of England

  • Local authority

    Cambridge City Council

South East

  • Local authority

    Oxford City Council

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